Sovren is a true component company that does business the way our customers want to do business. All of our customers’ logos are used with their permission; however, less than half of our customers are represented here.

PLEASE NOTE: Sovren does not provide integration services or consulting for SAP or Oracle solutions. We do, however, provide support for Salesforce and SAP through partners.

The fact that there are many HR software companies in the world is proof that one size does not fit all, and when a company cannot find the perfect solution, they often build one. This is how many of the commercially available products available today got their start. An early step in this process is seeking out software components to license, so the development effort can be focused on the core product. This is where Sovren shines. The advantage for end users is that Sovren software can perform exactly as they want it to within the workflows that fit their business, worldwide locations, local laws, all of which enables them to be more productive and competitive in their specific markets.