The Sovren Group is the number one choice worldwide for enterprise-grade, mission critical Resume/CV Parsing and Semantic Matching solutions. Our components have been in use for over a decade across multiple market segments as the best foundation for extracting, classifying, and searching resume data.

Our components are easy to integrate (as components or web services), and our starter applications and offsite integration support will help you

  • Save development time
  • Speed time to market
  • Reduce development costs, and
  • Deploy market-leading solutions

"Thanks alot guys, it worked like a charm. I really love it when people go the extra mile and make things really convenient. Keep up the great job."

Sorin Neacsu, ReadyForce,
a Linux customer using Sovren’s Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) solution


Our software is rock-solid, processing tens of millions of resumes per year at the world's heaviest volume sites, with no memory leaks or crashes. It is immune to viruses and fends off file corruptions and job seeker trickery. It keeps running 24x365.

“We selected Sovren for our resume parsing based on their functionality, flexible deployment options, and industry leadership. Sovren is a key part of our staffing software solution, 1Staff, built in Microsoft Dynamics®. The Sovren resume parsing engine is used as part of our applicant tracking system to parse resumes received through our candidate portal, email, or other sources and automatically create candidates in Microsoft Dynamics.”

Brent Hitterdal, General Manager, Professional Advantage

Our sole focus is parsing and matching for the recruitment market

The Sovren Group is a very simple company. Our sole business is providing the best parsing and matching components for recruitment intelligence.

Sovren is the only major vendor that does not compete with its customers. We are not owned by, nor do we own, an ATS, job board, job posting service, recruiter training service, recruitment networking organization, or any other type of company. That means that you will not wake up one day to learn that your parsing and matching vendor is now your competitor.

Sovren’s laser focus on a single core competency means that we focus 100% of our effort on what you are paying for, rather than being distracted by the needs of unrelated product lines. Our single focus means that we don’t have the luxury of tolerating mediocrity: we have only one way to win, and that’s by producing the best parsing and matching components.

Sovren is the most stable vendor

The Sovren Group was established in 1996 and we wrote our first resume parser that year. Sovren is 100% employee owned, and is completely organically funded.

Sovren has no VC money, no bank debt, and no outside investors. Sovren controls its own destiny. We do not have investors pressuring us to go public, buy businesses, spin off businesses, kill products, or chase the “next big thing.” Our financial position is rock solid, with 12 straight years of profitability and no debt.

We recognize the importance of localizing global solutions

Sovren has the broadest global footprint in the industry, with customers on six continents and support for multiple languages. We work with local partners in each region to ensure our software provides the most accurate results, regardless of language.

We currently support full parsing in these languages:

Additional languages are being added, including:

Other languages will also be developed.

The Sovren Resume/CV Parser provides locale-specific switches that allow you to tailor the performance of the software to your target market, and the built-in language analyzer allows the parser to automatically detect the document’s language and configure itself accordingly.

The most configurable software to match your business needs

Sovren software can be deployed in any type of application: web SAAS, web service, desktop, Windows service, console - any application! Our certifiable HR-XML output, source code samples, and ready-to-run solutions enable our customers to develop and deploy solutions quickly and efficiently. Our software also provides the ability to customize features and output specific for customer markets and verticals. We provide full source code add-on applications such as email and bulk parsing options as part of our license - so there are never any hidden, unexpected or additional costs. Our support team is available 24/7 should you ever have questions.