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Corporate HR Departments

Corporate customers using Sovren come in many different sizes, verticals industries and parts of the world. Whether they are utilizing a solution such as SAP Recruitment, Oracle eRecruit, PeopleSoft Talent Acquisition Manager or have built a bespoke in-house system, they all have one thing in common: the ability to configure the Sovren resume parsing and semantic searching and matching technologies specifically for their needs. Sovren’s products are more flexible and configurable than any competing recruitment technology.

The fact that there are many HR software companies in the world is proof that one size does not fit all, and when a company cannot find the perfect solution, they often build one. This is how many of the commercially available products available today got their start. An early step in this process is seeking out software components to license, so the development effort can be focused on the core product. This is where Sovren shines. The advantage for end users is that Sovren software can perform exactly as they want it to within the workflows that fit their business, worldwide locations, local laws, all of which enables them to be more productive and competitive in their specific markets.

With professional and social networking sites growing in popularity over the past few years, companies are rapidly evolving the ways they source, succession plan, expand, scale and grow. The ability to keep your employee and candidate data dynamic and fresh in an ever changing economic, financial and legal climate is more important than it has ever been.

For over a decade, Sovren has been helping companies of all sizes across the globe keep their data current, while enabling them to move to the next generation of software and services.

bottom line
We know how some developers think. “Heck, I can write something in a couple weeks that will parse contact information.” It actually is that simple for maybe 30-50% of documents in the real world. But 50% accuracy isn’t anywhere near acceptable, so the project stretches out. Months later you realize you’ve invested a lot more time and money than expected, and accuracy is still completely unacceptable to your end users. Each step forward takes another 6-12 months, with rapidly diminishing returns, and your users are clamoring for other data like Education and Work Experience. That’s not how you want to spend your valuable time. Enter Sovren. We have focused on the hard parts of resume processing for over 10 years, so that you can focus your time on system functionality that only you can provide.