Markets + Customers

Market + Customers Overview

Sovren customers and partners range from giant publicly traded job boards and recruitment firms to start ups with a few people looking for their first round of capital. Sovren industries cut across every sector including financial, telecom, government, healthcare, engineering, sports and entertainment, communications, construction and more. Sovren customers operate on six continents and all have access to the same great software and the most experienced team in the industry. This is what we do!

“We were using a parsing service from another vendor that made an acquisition, and our supplier became our competitor. Sovren doesn’t compete with us in any way.”

UK based applicant tracking vendor

Job Boards / Networking Sites 
Worldwide, we estimate that over 80% of all job board resume/CV parsing takes place using Sovren software. Sovren offers an integrated line of recruitment intelligence solutions that provide measurable competitive advantages to job boards.
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Software Vendors 
As a software vendor, your customers look to you to provide them with solutions to help run their businesses more profitably. Translation: do more with less. That means reduce data entry, increase automation, eliminate less mind numbing work and free up more time for high value tasks.
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Staffing and Recruitment Firms 
Staffing and recruitment firms rely on Sovren parsing technology to reduce candidate acquisition costs, and they rely on Sovren semantic matching technology to cut through the clutter and find best-fit candidates faster, often with 1/20th of the false matches that other systems produce. Regardless of your firm’s size, if you have the ability to plug in Sovren component or Web Service technology to your solutions, you can reduce costs and increase revenues.
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Corporate HR Departments 
Corporate HR departments receive the same benefits as external recruitment organizations by deploying Sovren’s components. Whether you are running a homegrown system, a commercial ATS/HRIS/HRMS/TMS, or running SAP or ORACLE solutions, we can help.
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