Some job boards are stuck in a competitive rut, competing primarily on size or niche/specialization. Some claim to be better by degree, yet they do not seem to be better by design.

Job Boards / Networking Sites

Worldwide, we estimate that over 80% of all job board resume/CV parsing takes place using Sovren software.
Sovren offers an integrated line of recruitment intelligence solutions that provide measurable competitive advantages to job boards. These benefits flow directly into the job board’s revenue-generating activities in definable, actionable ways, and which offer tangible, measurable competitive advantages.

Sovren is the only vendor that offers an end-to-end solution using products developed in-house and therefore completely designed, developed and optimized to work together synergistically.

Specifically, Sovren produces and markets all five components of an end-to-end recruitment intelligence solution:

  1. Sovren Resume Converter -- Convert documents from their native formats into plain text for parsing or other uses. Also convert to common formats like HTML and RTF.
  2. Sovren Resume/CV Parser -- Parse resumes/CVs to construct a candidate profile that includes ALL of the 16 major types of resume data defined by the HR-XML Consortium. Output the results to an HR-XML Resume 2.4 compliant XML document, with value-added extensions to help you summarize and classify candidates.
  3. Sovren Job Order Parser -- Parse job orders to construct a job order profile for use by the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine.
  4. Sovren Semantic Matching Engine -- Quickly find the best matching candidates for a job, or find jobs for a candidate, or find jobs/candidates that are most similar to one that you have already identified. Use job orders, resumes, HR-XML parsed resumes, or freeform text as input to any of these matches.
  5. Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine -- Semantically match search profiles to candidate profiles. The Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine can virtually eliminate 90+% of the false positive matches that are generated by traditional keyword search engines.

Sovren’s integrated recruitment intelligence solution provides identifiable benefits to job seekers, and also to employers who are users of job boards. These tangible benefits are not only substantial but quantifiable, and they deliver a more powerful value proposition -- and better sales tools -- into the hands of the job board’s sales force.

bottom line
Implementing Sovren’s full suite of recruitment intelligence solutions allows a job board to gain a significant competitive advantage over its competitors. This competitive advantage can be measured in tangible ways through the job board’s offerings, providing a more powerful value proposition and ultimately generating more revenues and more profits. This competitive advantage is due not to doing “the same things only better,” rather, it is due to implementing new technologies that are based upon more sophisticated methodologies that provide for the matching of profiles rather than keywords. Only Sovren can offer this technology in a complete end-to-end solution using products specifically architected and optimized to work together at the deepest level of integration.