“We recently moved from a competitor that charged per parse. By moving over to Sovren we were able to recognize a fixed cost model, while not restricting our customers’ transactions in any way, resulting in more sales and a business model that made sense.”

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Our pricing is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive in the industry, but our functionality, quality and service provide unmatched value.

Licenses, not contracts

Our competitors use contracts that handcuff you to them for years at a time; we offer licenses that allow you to walk away at any time with no penalty.

That means after you pay the initial licensing fee you are in no way obligated to continue using our software or pay us additional money - no matter how quickly your business grows. We have so much faith in our products and customer service, we feel confident you will want to renew your license when it expires.

We never charge per-resume fees. NEVER.

One of our customers parsed 2,500,000 resumes in a single day. Their variable cost was $0.00 because our licenses are never priced on usage. That same customer has seen its resume flow almost triple since implementing the Sovren Resume/CV Parser into their online application process, yet they do not have to pay us any more money today than they did when they started. We think that's a better way to do business: you should benefit from your growth, not be penalized for it.

Our pricing plans offer predictability, because you don't always have control over how many resumes you parse. When the economy sours and job seekers flood the market looking for employment or refreshing their resumes, that's the wrong time to saddle your business with an unexpectedly large resume parsing bill.

Pricing plans match your business needs, not ours

We offer several types of licenses, designed to fit your business model and market size. That means we evaluate each usage to custom fit our plans with your needs - ensuring fairness for both parties.


Our software runs in desktop applications, multi-tenant SaaS architectures, global server farms, and everything in between. It is fully multi-threaded and cost-effective to scale up and out.

Support 24/7

When it comes to Sovren software, setup couldn’t get any easier. In fact, you can begin processing resumes in about 20 minutes. But if you ever do have any questions, our support team is here for you 24-7.