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Setup and Support

When it comes to Sovren software, setup couldn’t get any easier. In fact, you can begin processing resumes in about 20 minutes. All software easily installs on to your system. That means no security breaches and you control updates.

Sovren software can be deployed in any type of application: web, SAAS, web service, desktop, Windows service – any application! Non-Windows environments integrate via web services that we provide; you install and run these web services on your own hardware behind your own firewall.

Our certifiable HR-XML output, source code samples, and ready-to-run solutions enable our customers to develop and deploy solutions quickly and efficiently. Our software also provides the ability to customize features and output specific for customer markets and verticals. We provide full source code add-on applications such as email and bulk parsing options as part of our license -- so there are never any hidden, unexpected or additional costs. But if you ever do have any questions, our support team is here for you 24-7.


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“Thanks for checking in. Everything’s going well. I jumped on the site a few weeks ago and downloaded a new version of your parser web service. Very easy to get going and we are testing with it now. If we hit anything unusual, I’ll let you guys know.”

A long time Sovren customer in reply to our proactive quarterly check in email