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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Resume Parsing Software

Companies should maintain a certain level of skepticism while shopping around for a resume parsing software. When providers boast stats and claims that seem too good to be true, they usually are. That’s why we urge our customers not to take any claims at face value — including our own. This is complex software, and although you don’t need to test every capability, there are certain things you should consider:

1: Don’t base your choice on price.

It’s an age-old story: a company chooses the provider with the lowest price and gets burned. We’ve seen it before. Sometimes it’s a matter of scalability, and their provider can’t handle the volume they want to parse in a reasonable amount of time. Other times, the software simply can’t parse certain languages well — and the company pays the cost.

2: Spend time testing accuracy.

Some providers claim their resume parser is “90% accurate” — and that’s just not true. These stats are thrown out there so you’ll check a box and move on instead of testing their accuracy for yourself. When looking at parsing accuracy, keep a few things in mind:

  • Test your own resumes, but never use fake ones.
  • Never use a translation program.
  • Use a sample size of about 30-50 resumes per language or locale. It’s statistically valid and small enough for a human to cross-reference the results.
  • Don’t test resumes from just one language, just one source, just one industry or just one job type.
  • Look for parsing completeness. You never know when you’ll need certain data.
  • Accuracy is irrelevant if the product can’t scale. Test scalability and robustness, too.
  • Check for configurability. Assume that each resume must be parsed using a different set of configuration options and using a different skills taxonomy.

3: “Server monitoring software” is not a good thing.

Take a moment to think about why a software provider would need monitoring software in the first place. If their server has a history of crashing, they need software to monitor it. It’s like having a tow truck follow around your car. If your car never needs a tow truck, why have it?

4: Speed matters, especially on a larger scale.

Different providers’ parsing software operates at difference speeds. The difference in seconds may not seem like a big deal at first — but it is. When you try to batch process 1,000,000 documents, you’ll see just how critical it is. So test for speed and make sure it lives up to your needs.

If you remember to keep an eye out for these things, and take testing into your own hands, you’ll end up with the right fit for resume parsing software. To learn more about Sovren’s resume parser and other recruitment software, reach out and our experts can answer your questions.

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