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The Sovren Group is a very simple company. Our sole business is providing the best recruitment intelligence software components for parsing, searching, matching and related tasks. We do NOT sell end user solutions, or do custom software development or integrations.

Our single focus means that we don’t have the luxury of tolerating mediocrity: we have only one way to win and grow our business, and that’s by producing the best recruitment intelligence components.


The Sovren Group was established in 1996 and we wrote our first resume parser, first search engine, first job parser, and first matching engine that year.

Sovren is 100% employee owned. Sovren has no VC money, and no outside investors. Sovren controls its own destiny: we do not have investors pressuring us to go public, buy businesses, spin off businesses, kill products, or chase new markets.


With customers on six continents and support for dozens of language/locale combinations, Sovren is the most global choice. Our domain expert approach of work with local partners in each region ensures our software provides the most accurate results, regardless of language. We don’t leave accuracy to so-called self-learning algorithms that are never as smart as human experts, nor do you have to add language packs or additional modules to get access to the full language and locale breadth of our products.


How it all began

In 1996, two longtime friends and former bankers, Robert Ruff and Jeffrey Smith, started Sovren Group, Inc. This US-based corporation began as a staffing business with a focus on the financial and accounting markets.

Robert developed the software and ran the operations, while Jeffrey handled sales.

In 1997, Robert bought the business from Jeffrey and switched Sovren’s business model from a recruitment firm to a software solution provider.

A pivot to components

As Sovren grew, Robert made a decision to focus on the features that made the first product a success. Rather than trying to be everything to every customer, Sovren decided to focus on what it did best: providing the artificial intelligence behind resume & CV parsing and matching, as components rather than as end user products.

Since that time, Sovren has not strayed from its roots. While the company’s technology continues to advance, its business model has not changed:

Be the premier provider of parsing and semantic matching components for use in recruitment worldwide.

World Domination

Today the best names in the industry are Sovren clients. In fact, Sovren’s Resume/CV Parser currently powers:

  • Most market-dominant job boards and professional and social networking sites
  • The widest selection of niche-dominant HR software vendors
  • Internal recruitment processes in some of the largest companies
  • Most of the largest staffing companies and recruitment agencies in the world
  • Start-ups, up-and-comers, and HR software companies of all sizes

Management Team

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