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Worldwide, we estimate that over 80% of all job board resume/CV parsing takes place using Sovren software. Sovren offers an integrated line of recruitment intelligence solutions that provide measurable competitive advantages to job boards. These benefits flow directly into the job board’s revenue-generating activities in definable, actionable ways, and which offer tangible, measurable competitive advantages.

Sovren is the only vendor that offers an end-to-end solution using products developed in-house and therefore completely designed, developed and optimized to work together synergistically.

Benefits to the job seeker

Job seekers have a “need for speed.” Only the most desperate and least desirable candidates are willing to spend long stretches of time typing information into on-line application screens.

Therefore, in order to improve the quantity and quality of candidates in the applicant pool, it is imperative that the job board implement new ways of simplifying and accelerating the candidate application process while preserving its capture of detailed, fielded candidate information. The Sovren Resume/CV Parser provides the tools to marry the candidate’s need for speed with the job board’s need for detail.

The net effect of powering an on-line candidate application portal using the Sovren Resume / CV Parser can be directly measured by an increased volume of resumes and by a significant increase in perceived candidate quality.

In addition to the benefits of the Sovren Resume/CV Parser, the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine provides measurable benefits directly to the job seeker. The Sovren Semantic Matching Engine is more accurate (i.e., specific and targeted) in matching candidates to job openings, because the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine matches candidate profiles to job order profiles by using profile matching rather than antiquated keyword matching. Job seekers are provided fewer, higher quality matches that are far more likely to be of interest to the job seeker. This benefit should not be minimized, as most candidates are appalled at the irrelevance of traditional job board “jobs of interest” recommendations.

Benefits to customers who post jobs

Customers who post jobs receive the same benefits as job seekers from the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine’s precise matching of job posting profiles to candidate profiles. Instead of receiving dozens of mismatched candidates who are “false positive” matches and which waste the customer’s time and money, they receive extremely targeted matches of candidates whose total experience profiles are the best match considering the job posting’s profile.

The precision of the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine translates into faster hires at less cost. In addition, because truly good-fit candidates are identified more quickly (i.e., without having to look at dozens of false positive matches to find the actual good fit candidates), customers will be able to fill more positions with better quality candidates. On average they will be able to identify and contact good fit candidates before users of other job boards do so (recall that most candidates post to multiple job boards).

The precision of the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine translates into faster hires at less cost, and into more fills with better quality hires.

Benefits to customers who buy resume database searches

The Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine, based upon the same technology as the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine, is designed to construct and match search profiles to candidate profiles. The semantic precision of the Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine typically results in a 90+% reduction in the number of false positive matches which represent the main productivity drain caused by keyword search technologies.

The Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine is able to eliminate almost all of the “noise” (or bad matches), while its’ extremely detailed matching of profiles finds better-matched candidates, far faster.

Thus, the Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine finds better matches and far fewer false matches. The reduction in true human recruiter time-to-find can reach a factor of 100 to one by using the Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine.

A side benefit of the Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine is that by eliminating most false matches, and thereby significantly reducing the resulting match set size, OFCCP compliance requirements (USA) can be met with far fewer resources. The Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine eliminates the need for reducing search result sets through randomization or other kluges.

Another benefit of the Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine is that it eliminates the need for candidates to self-report their skill sets, and by eliminating this self-reporting, false matches are greatly reduced. Sovren research has shown that when candidates self-report their skill sets, these self-reported skill sets do not accurately reflect the actual experience profile in the resume. The reason for this disparity is that candidates are well aware what “hot skills” are most in demand. They therefore self-report experience and competency in these hot skill sets, but this self-reporting is based on candidate desire, not actual work experience and education. In other words, candidates have learned to game the system; job board resume database users are the losers in this scenario, because their searches repeatedly turn up large numbers of candidates whose keywords “match”, but whose actual experience does not.

The Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine also eliminates the deleterious effects of the other main strategy that candidates use to “beat the search engines”: keyword stuffing. Candidates have learned that they can easily fool antiquated keyword search engines that use simplistic keyword matching and then rank candidates by “density of hits” (or similar band-aids on a bad search). By stuffing paragraphs of keywords into Skills or Keywords sections in their resumes, candidates can assure themselves a higher ranking in the search results. Unfortunately these rankings are the result of the candidates gaming the system, not the result of intelligent matching. It is recruiters who pay the price in lost time and annoyance as they sift through resume after resume of unqualified candidates who “matched”.

Benefits to the job board sales force

Job board sales forces receive powerful, measurable benefits from the implementation of Sovren recruitment intelligence products.

Easier Sales

That type of ability to accurately show the probable success of a prospective job search is a powerful sales tool.

A job board salesperson calls on Company A, and learns that Company A is not a user of the job board, but that Company A is currently looking for a Java programmer in Hong Kong to work on a new internet application that will have a bilingual English/Chinese rollout. The salesperson performs a query and reports: “We have 2,345 Java programmers [not just people with "Java" on their resume] in the Hong Kong area. Of these, 876 have more than 5 years of experience, and of those, 576 are current Java users. We have 72 candidates who are also bilingual in English and Chinese. Would you like a 30 day or annual contract?”

Easier-to-read results

The Sovren Resume/CV Parser uses artificial intelligence to generate a succinct human readable candidate synopsis that summarizes the candidate’s work experience and skills profile in just a sentence or two. This candidate summary is a powerful productivity enhancement tool that allows recruiters to quickly evaluate prospective candidates (e.g., candidates matched to job postings by the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine) without having to take the time to open the resume and read it in entirety.

For example:

Eliza Blain’s experience appears to be concentrated in JAVA in Information Technology, with a sub concentration in MODELING in Strategy and Planning. Eliza Blain has 11 years of work experience, with 7 years of management experience, including a somewhat high-level position.

These advanced characterization capabilities offer tangible benefits to recruiters by reducing the time and effort needed to evaluate prospective candidates, whether matched automatically by the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine, or interactively using the Sovren Pinpoint Searching Engine to search the job board resume database.


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