Sovren Parser

Parse resumes and job orders with control, accuracy and speed.

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Sovren Parser outperforms the competition at every step — here’s why.


Pinpoint Accuracy

We can safely boast the most accurate job order, resume and CV parsing by far. Mistakes will hurt your bottom line and company reputation, which is why our resume parser is up to 10 times more accurate than any other parser.


Unmatched Speed

Expect average parsing times of about 500 ms per transaction (5–20x faster than our competitors). Run many transactions simultaneously for an even greater throughput. Need to parse 1,000,000 resumes before lunch? You can.


Configurable Transactions

Want to accommodate different parsing needs for each customer and every transaction? Consider it done. Enable or disable any of the sub-parsers (like patents and security clearances) for each job order, resume or CV parsing transaction.


Customizable Skills Taxonomies

Our built-in skills taxonomy starts with over 24,000 skills (the best in the industry) that you can add to, modify or swap out for your own taxonomy. Parse skills differently for each transaction and support thousands of unique skill lists — one for each of your customers.


Supports Every Source

Parse a resume or a job order in any source format, including LinkedIn profiles and any other job board format.


Limitless Input Options

We support every imaginable commercial document format for job order, resume and CV parsing: PDF, HTML, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice and all the others.


Insightful Candidate Summaries

Don’t read between the lines — our resume parser will. It extracts and calculates helpful details from data like primary skill set, highest management level and time spent in the workforce. Review individual data points or a human-readable summary of each candidate.


Global Capabilities

Our job order and resume parsing software automatically detects and operates in more fully supported languages, dialects and locales than any other vendor, allowing you to parse internationally.


Seamless API Integration

Our job order and resume parsing API makes integration easy and straightforward through REST/JSON. We also have official, open-source SDKs available in several languages that allow you to get started with as little as 3 lines of code.


Advanced Data Security

We use SSL, and your data won’t be stored anywhere for others to steal. And if you want to keep EU data inside EU borders — no problem. We comply with all major international privacy standards and have endpoints in the EU.


100% Uptime

We guarantee 100% uptime: if our cloud provider (Amazon AWS) is up, we are up. Period. You won’t ever have to worry about scheduled downtime because there’s never been one single second of it in our 21-year history.

Case Study

A top executive recruiter puts accuracy to the ultimate test.

A top executive recruiter put our resume parser's accuracy to the ultimate test — and uncovered astonishing results.

"I just wanted to say everything is going great. The API integration is working well."
- Varun Villait, CTO/CPO at Industry