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Our software consists of two parts - the engine and the API. Release notes for new features, improvements, and bug fixes will show under the Engine Release Notes. Release notes for updates to the API input and output structure will show under the API Release Notes.

These release notes are for Sovren's SaaS offering. If you're looking for self-hosted release notes go here.

Version 10.1.0

June 25, 2021


SaaS Services

TransactionCost is now returned in the Info object in every response.

Added a IsVariation property to the Certification object to denote which certifications were found in the resume vs those that are simply possible variations of found certifications (used in AI Matching).

Added XXXXHasData boolean properties in the SuggestedCategoryWeights object for every category. These should be used to determine if a 0-weighted category should be shown to a user for adjustment. Adjusting a category that has no data will have no effect on results.

Bug Fixes

Resume & Job Order Parser

A 422 status code is now returned when the document is unable to be converted to text.