Staffing and Recruitment firms have a unique challenge: to find and hire the right people for their own company, who in turn must be able to find and recommend the right people to their clients.

Being the first recruiter to find the right person, at the right time, for the right job, is absolutely critical.

You need solutions that can get new staff up and running quickly with minimal training.

Most Staffing and Recruitment firms buy their core applications from HR Software Vendors, many of whom are Sovren customers. These vendors all know that resume parsing, searching and matching are an important part of the placement process, because that set of functionality is demanded by every one of their customers. If you are a Staffing and Recruitment firm that has decided to build and maintain your own placement software, you need to provide that same set of functionality.

Sovren provides a sophisticated set of components that are used to quickly and accurately add this kind of functionality to your software.

We know how some developers think: “Heck, I can write something in a couple of weeks that will parse contact information. And they can, but only for maybe 30-50% of documents in the real world. Unfortunately, 50% accuracy isn’t anywhere near acceptable, so the project stretches out. Months later you realize you’ve invested a lot more time and money than expected, and accuracy is still completely unacceptable to your end users, with no end in sight. Each step forward takes another 6-12 months, with rapidly diminishing returns, and your users are clamoring for other data like Education and Work Experience.

That’s not how you want to spend your valuable time. Enter Sovren. We have focused on the hard parts of resume processing for over 18 years, so that you can focus your time on system functionality that only you can provide.

Sovren is the only vendor that offers an end-to-end recruitment intelligence solution using products developed 100% in-house and therefore completely designed, developed and optimized to work together synergistically.