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API Technical Specs

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Allocate Credits to a Sub-Account


Adjust credits on a sub-account, or set a sub-account to unrestricted credit usage.

Path Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
accountidstringThe AccountId to allocate credits to.

Request Body

How many SaaS Credits to add to this account. To remove credits, set this to a negative number. If this is not set, Unrestricted must be true
If the account should have unrestricted access to your SaaS Credits. If this is not set, CreditsToAdd must have a non-zero value.

Sample Request

{ ... 
"CreditsToAdd" :  1000,"Unrestricted" :  false

Response Body

Amount of credits remaining on the account after the adjustment. If unrestricted, this will equal the total number of credits left on your SaaS account.
If an error occured, this will give a detailed message on what happened. If no error occured, this will be empty.

Sample Response

{ ... 
"CreditsRemaining" :  0,"ErrorMessage" :  "string"