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API Technical Specs

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Create an Index

POST /v9/index/(indexId)

Creates an index.


Path Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
indexIdstringThe id to assign to the new index. This is restricted to alphanumeric with dashes and underscores. All values will be converted to lower-case. If using sub-accounts, this value must be unique across all sub-accounts.

Request Body

The type of the index. One of:
  • Resume
  • Job

Sample Request

{ ... 
"IndexType" :  ""

Response Body

Information explaining the outcome of the transaction.
A response code elaborating on the HTTP status code.
The following is a list of codes that can be returned by the service:

Success – Successful transaction

MissingParameter - A required parameter wasn't provided

InvalidParameter - A parameter was incorrectly specified

AuthenticationError - An error occurred with the credentials provided

Unauthorized - Your account doesn't have permission to perform this operation
This message further describes the code providing additional detail.
An empty object.

Sample Response

{ ... 
{ ... 
"Code" :  "","Message" :  ""
{ ...