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API Technical Specs

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Generate the Matching UI Details View

POST /ui/v9/details

Generate an HTML user interface for reviewing a single result from AI Matching or Bimetric Scoring that can be consumed in your client application.

Request Body

Object representing various options for generating the UI.
The username of the current user. *If you do not provide this, the user will be required to login when they view the page.
Specifies custom style options for this session.
An HTML color used to generate several related colors for various UI elements. For example: #077799.
An HTML color used for the background of the section/accordian headers. For example: #077799.
true to use square corners for UI elements. Default is false for rounded corners.
A CSS font-family to use for all UI elements. For example: Arial.
If you'd like to use a non-standard font, specify the URL where that font can be downloaded here. For example:;500;600;700&display=swap. Note that you also need to define the FontFamily if you use this option.
The information about the match result for this session. These properties should be filled from an AI Match or Bimetric Score API response.
The AppliedCategoryWeights list from the API call that generated the above Result. One of:
The type of document the result was scored against. Either Resume or Job.
The Sovren parsed document string. This is only required if you are viewing details for a Bimetric Score result. For AI Match results, this value will be set automatically from the indexed document (using the DocumentId/IndexId pair in the match result). If set, should be one of:
The HTML document to be displayed in the details view. If you do not provide this, only the plain text for the document is shown. The only allowed HTML string is the one generated by Sovren in a Parse API when you set OutputHtml to true. One of:

Sample Request

{ ... 
{ ... 
"Username" :  "",{ ... 
"PrimaryColor" :  "","HeaderColor" :  "","SquareCorners" :  false,"FontFamily" :  "","FontUrl" :  ""
{ ... 
{ ... 
"SovScore" :  0,"*" :  "..."
{ ... 
"Skills" :  0,"*" :  "..."
"SourceDocumentType" :  "","ParsedDocument" :  "","HtmlDocument" :  ""

Response Body

The endpoint to hit to get the generated Matching UI. The first request to this endpoint will automatically authenticate the user. Subsequent requests (who are not already authenticated) will require a login. This url will be valid for at least 24 hours.
The number of seconds until the url auto-authentication expires.

Sample Response

{ ... 
"url" :  "","expires_in" :  0