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API Technical Specs

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Normalize a Parsed Resume

POST /v9/normalizer/resume

Normalize an existing JSON resume string.

This feature is not recommended and only available in special cases. Reach out to for more information.


Request Body

The existing JSON parsed document to be normalized. This document must be output from the Sovren Resume Parser.
Name of your custom normalization data file. If no list is provided the Sovren builtin skills list will be used (english only). When using custom normalization files the language to be used is determined by the Parser (the default fall back language is English if the Parser cannot find a match).

Sample Request

{ ... 
"ParsedDocument" :  "","NormalizerData" :  ""

Response Body

Information explaining the outcome of the transaction.
A response code elaborating on the HTTP status code.
The following is a list of codes that can be returned by the service:

Success – Successful transaction

MissingParameter - A required parameter wasn't provided

InvalidParameter - A parameter was incorrectly specified

AuthenticationError - An error occurred with the credentials provided
This message further describes the code providing additional detail.
Contains response data for the transaction.
The normalized Parsed Document
The number of remaining credits is returned with every response. Please ensure that you set up monitoring of this value to ensure that you don't experience an outage by letting your credits reach 0.
The version of the normalizer that was used

Sample Response

{ ... 
{ ... 
"Code" :  "","Message" :  ""
{ ... 
"NormalizedParsedDocument" :  "","CreditsRemaining" :  0,"NormalizerVersion" :  ""